charging time calculatorThe Charging Time Calculator on this page will help you work out how long it may take to charge up the battery on your EV. Enter in the capacity of your battery, and choose a charging speed from the list of connectors.

Do note that different EV’s may use different connectors, and have different charging abilities. It’s best to check your vehicle handbook to make sure what it is capable of.

Once you are charged up, try our Energy Cost Calculator to see how much your journeys are costing.

Charging Time Calculator

Type of charger used
Battery Capacity
Charging Time hours

Please note that due to the nature of battery charging, they will generally charge at full speed up to 80% of their maximum. As they get closer to being full, the charging speed will slow down for safety and battery longevity. This of course, will impact the total battery times.

This is why most en route charging is most efficiently done up to 80%.

Usable battery power can also differ from the stated maximum battery capacity by up to 10%, so a 50kWh battery may only have 45kWh usable. There are various reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that allowing the battery to drain completely flat can be damaging, so some capacity is always kept in reserve.