This page is designed to clear things up for you. From the menu above you may be wondering what ICE, PHEV are or even EV cars are?

ICE is the name given to traditional cars that use an Internal Combustion Engine, so they could be any car that uses petrol, diesel, or LPG. PHEV cars are Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles that are the middle ground and have both an engine and a battery. EV cars are Electric Vehicles that use a battery that you charge up with electricity.

We have similar tools and calculators for both types of vehicle and to make this site easier to use, we have a table below showing what each calculator does and what information it requires.


ICE car


BEV car

Use the Cost Calculators if you want to find the cost of fuel or energy over a given distance. This could be a short trip or journey, up to an estimated yearly mileage.

To find the cost, you will need the distance travelled, the consumption of your vehicle (MPG or Miles/kWh), and the cost of your fuel or electricity.

Our fuel consumption and energy efficiency calculators help you to work out how thirsty your vehicle is, whether its with petrol, diesel, or electricity.

Enter in your distance travelled and the amount of fuel or electricity you have used, and it will tell you how much fuel or energy your car consumes.

These two tools cover different aspects useful in their own way.