household power cost calculatorThis Household Power Cost Calculator is a new tool to help you work out and save on your electricity costs at home. Use it for light bulbs, appliances or anything else electrical. It will show you a daily, monthly and yearly cost to use.

Although our calculator will work out an accurate cost, please note that energy companies charge a standing charge (usually a few pennies) per day on top of any personal usage.

Currently as of 2022 a kWh costs about 28p.

Also please note that these calculations do not include ‘Daily Standing Charge’ which needs to be paid daily even before you use any electricity in your household.

Household Power Cost Calculator

Average number of hours used every day
Measured in Pence per kWh
Daily Cost
Weekly Cost
Monthly Cost
Yearly Cost£ 

There are various devices that can help you keep a track of your energy usage, such as smart meters and Kill-A-Watt type plugs. The price of electricity and gas seems to be steadily increasing these days, so any savings will probably be magnified in the long run.

The formula we use:

Daily Cost = frac{Watts }{1000} times Hours times frac{Electricity Price}{100}

Typical Household Items

Item Watts Used
Vacuum Cleaner 800 Watts
PC (Idling) 100 Watts
PC (Gaming) 300 Watts
Kettle 2000 Watts