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What we do

Welcome to the new and improved choozer site! We are a small site dedicated to providing tools and calculators for drivers of normal and EV vehicles. Some of our more popular features and tools include the Mileage Calculator and Fuel Cost Calculator.

Along with everything else we have several useful articles about motoring. Be sure to check out our blog for the latest articles and tools.

Some recent snippets are a Household Power Cost Calculator and updated winter driving article and tips.

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A Few Words

For anyone new to the site, we aim to help you make simple costing calculations of your vehicles.

With the increase in electric vehicles (EV) we now have some electrical calculators on our site. Have a browse!

With this in mind, we have split the car tools into ICE car tools and EV car tools. For those unfamiliar, ICE is the acronym for ‘Internal Combustion Engine’, meaning all conventional cars that have an engine that burns petrol, diesel or LPG. EV stands for ‘Electric Vehicle’ and covers anything from a mild Hybrid to a full EV.

Popular Calculators

Trip Cost Calculator

Mileage Calculator

MPG Calculator

Loan Calculator

EV Charging Calculator

ICE Cars - Internal Combustion Engine

ICE Cars

Hybrid Cars - Mild Hybrids

Hybrid Cars

PHEV Cars - Plugin Hybrid Cars


BEV Cars - Battery Electric Vehicles

BEV Cars