Use this page to quickly work out your car's fuel economy and average consumption figures. By entering in how many miles you have driven and how many litres or gallons (Imperial or US) you have paid for, you will find your average mpg (miles per gallon) over that time. American users can also work out their gas mileage here. If you are unsure of the amount of fuel, you can enter the price you paid instead! Here are some tips to help you work out your MPG.

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Another use for this tool is to enter in roughly your mileage per year, and the current cost of fuel. This will give you an idea of your yearly petrol or diesel costs. As fuel is getting more expensive these days, you may be surprised into making a few savings along the way or try out these fuel saving tips.

For longer journeys, it may be wise to hire a smaller, or more fuel efficient car. Saving money on fuel and depreciation on your car may well be worthwhile. For a comparison of rental vehicles in Europe try here at

Why bother improving your fuel efficiency and keeping a track on your costs? For a start it can help you save a good deal of money, and also help to reduce your impact on the environment.

We do our utmost to keep this tool up to date, useful and simple to use. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve it please let us know by visiting the contact page.