Calculate your mileage here and find the driving distance between an origin and destination point on your route or journey. Unlike other calculators, this will work out the actual distance you drive as well as a straight A to B distance on a google map, and also gives you an accurate journey time (give or take a few traffic jams!). Return trip distances can now also be worked out. For extra tips have a look here.

Calculate Your Fuel Consumption

Enter in a postcode, city, town, or even place name, and have the distance and driving time calculated between these locations. Most problems can be fixed by typing in the country afterwards, like 'Halifax, UK'.

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use our mileage calculator for your trip distances

If you already know your mileage, head to the Trip Calculator page and enter in the details to find your journey costs. Fuel prices in the UK, Europe and the USA can be compared along with historical fuel pricing.

This tool can be used freely for personal use such as airport drop-offs, and for anything from long distance taxi fares to truck haulage routes.