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Some of our more popular features and tools include the Mileage Calculator, Fuel Cost Calculator, and Car Comparison. We also compare some of the internet's best mobile deals and cheap mobile phone deals. Along with everything else we have several useful articles about motoring and mobile phones. Be sure to check out our blog for the latest articles and tools. Some recent snippets are a Wattage Cost Calculator and updated winter driving video and tips. Coming soon we hope to have a free user login allowing you to save your vehicle and phone, to save time entering it in each time for fuel cost calculations and comparisons!

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For anyone new to the site, we aim to help you make simple, informed comparisons of UK specification cars and mobile phones. Want to find the most frugal diesel car for less than £16,000 or the fastest convertible 4 seater? Wondering how a BMW 320 diesel compares to an Audi A4? Which smartphone is the right one for you? Perhaps you want to find the cheapest Blackberry, the slimmest smartphone, or the newest Android phone? This is the place to look for cheap contract phones! We guarantee we have some of the cheapest mobile phone deals available in the UK. Give us a try and find out.


The car showroom displays a selected range of most of the cars for sale in the UK. Using a database of nearly 10,000 current car models and technical specifications we help you to compare and evaluate different models you may be considering. We also have a variety of tools to help the motorist, including a Fuel Cost Calculator, Mileage Calculator, MPG Calculator, and Route Planner.

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Visit our Phone Market to see the best phone deals, displays and information of the latest and most popular phones by Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Google and HTC. We also have stats for the newest smartphones from Android and Windows Phone 8. Use our Phone Comparison to find which mobile phone is best for you and find official and user demo videos for the latest phones in our Phone Detail pages.

Hybrid, PHEV, or BEV cars

Hybrid, PHEV, or BEV cars

With the increasing number of electric powered vehicles, it is now becoming more confusing to find the difference as they are not the same.

As of now, toward the end of 2018, electric cars can be divided into 3 main groups, namely Hybrid, Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PHEV), or Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). The main differences can be seen below:

Hybrid - uses a small battery to take in energy from the engine. Improves the overall mpg of the vehicle as the battery can propel the car at low speeds, in traffic. Toyota Prius would be an example of this.

PHEV - using a slightly larger battery that allows for all-electric travel for perhaps 20 miles. They can be plugged in to charge up the battery for this. Uses an engine for longer distances. Useful for short commutes or pottering around town. The BMW 225xe would be an example of this type.

BEV - generally will have no engine, relying on electric power fully. Can take a long time to charge fully, and have a range of 100 miles, up to 300 miles depending on the vehicle. A Renault Zoe would be an example of a BEV vehicle.

Supermarket Fuel Price War

Supermarket Fuel Price War

Jus in time for Christmas, the supermarkets have kicked off a small price war, with Asda dropping down to 110.7p per litre from a previous 115.7p. Whilst not a massive saving, this should still save roughly £3 on an average fill-up of 60 litres. Check your own figures using our 'Cost to Fill Calculator'.

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