This page shows the geographical place (local identifiers) of registration plates for UK cars since 2001.

Vehicle Registration Plates UK
First letter is local identifier for uk car registration plates

The image above shows the letters that make up the Local Memory tag, and thereby its geographical origins. The first letter of the memory tag denotes the DVLA area in which the plate was produced, with the second letter indicating the local office within that region.

1st Letter District Covered Local Area / Office 2nd Letter Codes
A Anglia Peterborough AA - AN
Norwich AO - AU
Ipswich AV - AY
B Birmingham Birmingham BA - BY
C Cymru (Wales) Cardiff CA - CO
Swansea CP - CV
Bangor CW - CY
D Deeside to Shrewsbury Chester DA - DK
Shrewsbury DL - DY
E Essex Chelmsford EA - EY
F Forest and Fens (East Midlands) Nottingham FA - FP
  Lincoln FR - FY
G Garden of England (Kent and Sussex) Maidstone GA - GO
Brighton GP - GY
H Hampshire and Dorset (Inc Isle of Wight) Bournemouth HA - HJ
Portsmouth HK - HY
K  No official mnemonic Luton KA - KL
Northampton KM - KY
L London Wimbledon LA - LJ
Stanmore LK - LT
Sidcup LU - LY
M Manchester and Merseyside Manchester MA - MY
N North Newcastle NA - NO
Stockton NP - NY
O Oxford Oxford OA - OY
P Preston Preston PA - PT
Carlisle PU - PY
R Reading Reading RA - RY
S Scotland Glasgow SA - SJ
Edinburgh SK - SO
Dundee SP - ST
Aberdeen SU - SW
Inverness SX, SY
V Severn Valley Worcester VA - VY
W West of England Exeter WA - WJ
Truro WK, WL
Bristol WM - WY
X Personal Export Various XA - XF
Y Yorkshire Leeds YA - YK
Sheffield YL - YU
Beverley YV - YY